Pictureweave throws are America's favorite gift

Christmas 2011 is nearly 2 months away. Order by December 1, 2011 for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Imagine weaving your photo, your child's artwork, or business logo into a personalized picture throw(afghan), totebag, wall hanging, or purse. The PictureWeave process achieves this by jacquard weaving a phot0(.jpeg) file into a 100% machine washable fine art tapestry. A PictureWeave gift is wonderfully suited for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings, Graduations, Family Reunions, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Christmas. If you have difficulty finding the perfect and unique gift, Picture weave is the answer in 2011.

  • Picture Weave Afghans(Throws) -54x70in.(most popular).
  • Picture Weave Pillows - 17x17in.
  • Picture Weave Wall Hangings- 36x24in., 54x40in., or 54x70in.
  • Picture Weave Tote Bag - 17x17in.
  • Picture Weave Purse - 17x12in.

4 great reasons to experience Picture Weave at Concept Seventeen

  1. We have over 3 years experience exclusively picture weave
    • Ordering from us, assures you a "piece of mind"
  2. Order online and shipped for free anywhere in the USA by FedEx or UPS
    • International shipping is available at an additional fee
  3. Made in the USA(help great businesses stay at home)
  4. (Click if more reasons are needed)

Steps to order PictureWeave Products

Email the photo to sales@conceptseventeen.com with product desired

  1. Recommendations for choosing a photo that weaves well. Bad photos make bad products.
    • COMPOSITION: main subject should be 60-80% of photo
    • FOCUS: Avoid blurry pictures
    • COLORS: Vibrant colors weave well
    • CONTRAST: Main subject should be distinct from background
    • DIGITAL: The larger the photo, the better. 400 kb or larger. No camera phones pictures.
    • SCANNING: High resolution(at least 180 dpi) of 4x6in min.
    • BLACK & WHITE: produces B&W products
  2. Receive confirmation the picture has been approved within 24-48 hours 7 days a week. We work weekends.
  3. Pay for the product on the website to process the order
  4. Delivery-Free US shipping on final product via FedEx or UPS Ground. APO/APE or International shipping is available at a surcharge required up front.
    1. Afghans(throws)-In 2009-11, the average delivery time has been 7 business days after placement of order
    2. Wall hangings, pillows, tote bags, and purses arrive in 3-5 weeks

Shopping cart for individual products

The Package page is dedicated to selling multiple individual products and various combinations at lower prices to fulfill all of your gift giving needs. To be redirected click on Package.

If It Can Be Photographed, It Can Be Woven."

Tote Bag
17in x 17in
MSRP $90.00   $80.00
Standard Picture Weave Throw-Best seller/Most popular

54in x 70in(4.5ft x 5.83ft)
$120.00   $100.00
  • This throw blanket easily covers the whole body for 2 adults. Why buy from us? (need more)
  • 1 line of text can be added for FREE
Handbag(aka Purse )

16 in. x 12 in.
MSRP $98.00   $88.00
Full color 16 x12 inches woven handbag with black handle and magnetic closure. Fully lined and pocketed. Jacquard woven, hand finished.
Small Photo Pillows
Corded edges
17 in. x 17 in. - $80.00
Small Wall Hanging
26 in. x 36 in.
MSRP $140.00 - $130.00
Comes standard with a black fleur-de-lis rod and wall mounting hardware.
Large Wall Hanging
53 in. x 40 in.
MSRP $320.00 - $280.00
Comes standard with a black fleur-de-lis rod and wall mounting hardware.
Grande Wall Hanging
54 in. x 70 in.
MSRP $450.00 - $390.00
Comes standard with a black fleur-de-lis rod and wall mounting hardware.

Customer Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about the products and services at Concept Seventeen.

James - Austin, TX
"I think the afghan was beautiful. It was a gift for a 50th wedding anniversary. The family loved it. Thanks for your professionalism. I will be using your services again.''

Glen - Winchester, TN
thanks for having everything arrive on time… everyone thoroughly enjoy the afghans… and couldn't get over the clarity… hopefully we will be doing business again in the future.
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Alishea and Sam - Durham, NC
The afghans were BEAUTIFUL!! It was a jaw dropping gift and one that I am sure they won't soon forget.

Chad and Laura - Durham, NC
Thank you so much for the picture blanket. As we were opening gifts after the wedding, the whole family really liked it-very unique. It now lives on our couch and all our guests comment on it.

Lawrence - Silver Spring, MD
The afghan was a smashing success. We had the extended family over for exchanging gifts and everyone was talking about how beautiful it was and what a great idea. Most of them were on the cruise with us so they remembered when the photo was taken and they were amazed at the details in the weaving.

Harrison and LeAnne - Gastonia, NC
“There is no doubt that the picture quilt was the highlight to our day.”
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Picture Weave

  • COPYRIGHT: Picture cannot be copyrighted or it must have a copyright release from the photographer or studio if even it appears professionally done. In addition, we cannot accept photographs of copyrighted materials, such as theme characters and sports mascots.
  • SIZE: 5 in. x 7 in. minimum, but the larger the photo, the better, up to an 8x10.
  • ORIGINAL PICTURE: Please submit a copy of the photograph.
  • OLD PHOTOS: We can certainly make your Picture Weave product from any photo however older photographs are not always the best choice. They can be be faded or the color could have changed over time. For best results, pick the clearest, most color-rich photograph you have. Contact us for further information regarding restoration
  • BLACK & WHITE PHOTOS: These pictures are fine as well but the finished Picture Weave product will be in Black & White if your photo is in black & white.
  • DIGITAL: Use a digital camera with at least 4 mega pixels. Digital pictures are accepted, but make sure the picture is of a minimum 1280 x 960 pixels, between 500 kb - 2 MB, or at least 180 dpi(dots per inch). In this case, it is better to send a larger file as opposed to a smaller file. If in doubt, send the picture to us first and we will tell you whether it is ok, for FREE
  • GROUP PHOTOS: You are entitled to have as many people in a photo as you like but remember the smaller the detail, the less likely it is to show up in a woven piece. A blanket with a couple of large faces will yield higher detail in those faces compared to a photo with 10 people in it.
  • CONTRAST: A high contrast picture works best. If your main subject is brightly lit and the background is somewhat dark, the results will be brilliant!
  • FOCUS: Make sure the subject is sharp. The better the picture, the better the finished product.
  • DETAIL: Almost every detail, whether good or bad is caught by Picture Weave. For example, if an old picture has a crack in it, that crack will show up in the Picture Weave Product.
  • COLOR: Try to choose a picture with realistic coloring because whatever you send is what you will get in the final product .
  • COMPOSITION: Keep it simple and make sure the main subject occupies between 60-80% of the photo so that more detail can be seen. This way, colors will also be more vibrant and true-to-life.

By providing us with great pictures, then we are able to provide you with the most amazing finish product. This is a collage photo afghan(throw) and not a picture, see the fringes.

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